universal credit rates 2020-2021

Standard allowancesinglecouple
Under 25 (both partners)£342.72£488.59
25 and over£409.89£594.04
Child responsibility element
Eldest child (if born before 01/04/2017)£281.25
Other children£235.83
Disabled child element£128.25
Severely disabled child element£400.29
LCW element (pre-April 2017)£128.25
LCWRA element£341.92
Carer element£162.92
Childcare costs element1 child2+ children
85% of eligible childcare costs up to£342.72£488.59
Work allowanceHCENo HCE
Responsible for a child£292.00£512.00
Benefit cap
Work-related exemption£604.00
Light touch regimecouplesingle
Administrative threshold£549.00£343.00