benefits matrix

The purpose of the benefit matrix

The benefit matrix is designed to help new advisers form compare the benefits someone is receiving with what we would expect someone in their circumstances to be receiving.

It can be used to identify:

  • any unclaimed benefits the person is likely to be entitled to; and/or
  • the need for further advice

Note – The matrix is not foolproof. It cannot anticipate all situations and does not cover all benefits.

Download the benefit matrix

The benefit matrix is can be downloaded as a pdf document here.

How to use the benefit matrix

The matrix consists of eight columns. The idea is to one benefit to which the person is entitled from each column, or one of the explanations (from the same column) as to why there is no entitlement.

The matrix is colour coded (as follows):

  • Yellow cells indicate benefits under the ‘legacy system’ which are replaced by Universal Credit
  • Blue cells indicate benefits under the Universal Credit system
  • Green cells indicate benefits payable that are not affected by the introduction of Universal Credit
  • Red cells indicate possible explanations for no entitlement

There is a glossary on the second page that explains the abbreviations used.